Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chapter 23

The Dream and What Followed

This appeared here on March 14. I am reprinting it with some modifications as Chapter 23.

I had the most extraordinary experience, just before I woke up that day. I share it because it is so odd and so unlike anything that has happened to me.

Just before I woke up I had a dream. This is what happened:

My mother and a Jewish woman I know were living in an assisted living place. (they don't in reality, and don't even know each other) The woman was suffering from depression, and my mother asked what she should do. We were sitting at a table in a conference room, and I said " She wears a rosary during the day,(?) BUT, she should actually wear a Miraculous Medal, during the day and while she sleeps so she will know someone is always watching over her."My mother walked out of the room a little annoyed and said, "I knew you'd give an answer like that!"

Then I woke up, and told my husband about this very explicit dream. He told me maybe I should try it, because I tend to get a little depressed. So when I got dressed I pinned the Miraculous medal they gave us at RCIA inside my clothes.

Later that same day:

I was at work, and the carpenter came in asking for my boss."Tell him 'an angry Jew' is here" (he was kidding around) Turns out he is actually an active duty sniper on temporary leave from the army, and just back from Iraq. He was raised Chabad, and was very frumuntil he entered the army eight years ago. Now, you have to understand how unusual it is to meet someone like this in Southeatern Massachusetts. He was a really funny guy, and when I told him I was a Christian, he said..."Well, I'm a Jewish carpenter and you'll have to answer to me one day!"

When he told me he was probably going back to Iraq I reached into my wallet, and without thinking, I gave him one of my most treasured possessions, my segulah (amulet)from Rachel's Tomb.Now, long before Madonna discovered the Red String Bracelet, Jewish mothers have beenpinning red ribbons on their chidren to protect them from the Evil Eye.

Stay with me, this IS going somewhere. I had a laminated card I carried in my wallet, with a piece of red ribbon from Rachel's Tomb, that came from an Israeli charity called "Refuah/ Yeshuah".(Isn't that lovely? "The healing of Jesus", although they meant it as "The healing of Salvation"). Just for the record, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the "Kabbalah Center".The Jewish sniper was very touched and said he was sending out a care package to another Jewish buddy in his unit, and he would include it. I was thrilled and even though I have carried this card for about 15 years, I felt this was the right thing to do. Besides, there is nothing I like better than Kick-ass Jews.

I had a feeling this was somehow related to my Miraculous medal.It wasn't until I came home and looked up Rachel's tomb, that I realized my two Compassionate Mothers are in league together!!

"Only a mother who bore a child in her own womb could plead on
behalf of her children with such passion.
, the Matriarch of Israel, is always there for us at the road
to Bethlehem, praying for her children.Let us pray that we be found worthy of
Rachel's petitions, and for G-d's forgiveness".

Rabbi Buchwald's Weekly

I never realized the connection between Mary and Rachel. Now I am convinced that Rachel isn't weeping for me anymore, because I have returned from Exile, through Mary's intercession. Yes, I really wrote that....And Rachel became my Patron Saint.